National Sunflower Association networks with WFIM

The NSA sponsored WFIM’s October networking event at The International Center, featuring the Queen of Networking, Donna Messer. Chris & her associate were handing our sunflower seeds to all attendees, and held a draw for a lovely bouquet of sunflowers, and a watch/pen set.  Here’s what Chris had to say about their sponsorship:

“The National Sunflower Association (NSA) recently sponsored a WFIM networking event.This was an excellent opportunity for representatives of the NSA to meet WFIM members and to share information on the benefits of sunflower oil. The NSA had a table to display information and WFIM also posted a short sunflower oil powerpoint presentation on a loop, on a large screen, so all of the guests could learn more about sunflower oil.  We had a good opportunity to speak with WFIM members about what type of oil they are using and also were able to gather business cards for possible future follow-up.  WFIM volunteers were terrific to work with and I would highly recommend other companies and associations investigate opportunities to promote their brands with this organization in the future.”

Chris Gould, Senior Vice President, Harbinger

On behalf of the National Sunflower Association

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