Lets Talk Turkey

What did the lady in the Turkey Suit say to the Loblaws shopper?

“Donate a Turkey to Second Harvest so everyone can Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!”

Hunger isn’t a laughing matter and that is why WFIM volunteers joined Second Harvest’s Turkey Drive. WFIM created two teams of volunteers to work on two weekends this December inviting Loblaws shoppers to purchase and donate a frozen turkey which would be put immediately onto the Second Harvest Truck to be distributed to one of more than 215 community agencies in the GTA area.

On Sunday Dec. 9th at the Loblaws at 2280 Dundas Street, a team of six wonderful women and men could be found all dressed up in turkey costumes and funny hats inviting people to donate. With a goal of 25 turkey donations, the team doubled the expectation and were able to get 54 turkeys donated and over $300 in cash.

With a second date of Sun. Dec. 15th at Loblaws at 380 East Mall, and a goal of 115 turkeys, we invite everyone to shop there and help us help Second Harvest.

Second harvest is WFIM’s Charity of Choice. This year at our Holiday Gala we raised $2,665.00 through ticket sales for our raffle prizes which were all donated by our members. With the addition of our speaker Ashley Chapman’s honorarium, and a top up from the WFIM Board of Directors, we donated $2,800.00. This equals a total of 5,600 meals that will feed hungry and needy people during this holiday season. Click here to see the Second Harvest donation breakdown.

WFIM recognizes the great work that Second Harvest does providing 20,000 meals a day to children in breakfast programs, seniors on fixed incomes, women fleeing domestic abuse, psychiatric survivors, homeless people and many others who have fallen on hard times. Since 1985 they have rescued and delivered more than 90 million pounds of food.

The Turkey Drive is a food-raising campaign which began in 2003. Since its inception they have raised 52,723 Turkeys. The goal for 2013 is to collect 5,000 turkeys.

This year, when you are shopping for gifts for your loved ones, and thinking of your own Christmas dinner, please take a moment to give back, either to Second Harvest or to your own Charity of Choice and try to make someone else who doesn’t have as much as we do a little more comfortable over the Christmas season. And don’t forget to join us Sunday, December 15th, at Loblaws at 380 East Mall and donate a turkey that day.

Merry Christmas from WFIM.

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  1. Second Harvest raised 5800 turkeys altogether! Thanks to all of the volunteers from WFIM who shared a part of that! Those turkeys went to meal programs and food banks all across the city feeding thousands of children, adults and seniors in need.

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