The 6th Annual Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit

For the past several years, we have enjoyed participating in the Strategy Institute’s Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit.  Without a doubt, we are looking forward to another exciting session at this year’s Forum which is scheduled for November 17th and 18th, 2015 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport.

Year over year, this North American Summit brings together a wonderful collection of industry experts who candidly share the latest in legislation, trends, best practices, consumer expectations, emerging policies and compliances – anything and everything that affects your business from a Food Regulatory and Quality Assurance standpoint!

A favourite aspect of this two-day forum has always been, and continues to be, the ability to network with peers on issues of common interest around the subject at hand and for attendees to create enduring relationships, to learn from and appreciate our speaker perspectives and experiences, and to connect and explore the latest in testing, equipment or resources from exhibitors.

Please mark your calendar and join us for what promises to be another stellar opportunity to strengthen our knowledge and our connections at the 6th Annual North American Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit in Toronto!

Topics, reports and best practices will include presentations on SFCA, FSMA, Consumer Demand, GMO, Natural Health Products, Recalls, Compliance Tools, Labelling, Imports and Exports and Packaging!  Sharing their experiences will be industry leaders from:

* Food Standards Scotland
* Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
* Mars Incorporated
* Piller’s Fine Foods
* Ganong Bros. Ltd.
* Health Canada
* Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal
* DOM International Limited
* Sixteen2 Inc.
* Sweets from the Earth
* Gourmet Inspirations
* Daiya Foods
* Thomas Utopia Brand
* Bessie’s Best Foods

Supplementing this awesome Summit will be three Post Conference Workshops:  Functional Foods, Allergens and Labelling.

Without a doubt, this Event presents participants with a wonderful opportunity to network with industry leaders, to share experiences and challenges with peers, and stay up to date with important industry developments that may affect your organization.

For more information on the 6th Annual Food Regulatory and Quality Assurance Summit, please feel free to contact the Strategy Institute at 1-866-298-9343 ext 200 ( or Bren at 519-396-6521 (

Website: Follow on Twitter:  @FoodRegQA

On behalf of the Strategy Institute and WFIM, we sincerely hope that you are able to participate in this very special Summit and our WFIM volunteers look forward to welcoming you at our booth!  If you would like to learn more, please reach out to the Team at Strategy Institute – they would be delighted to hear from you.

Hope to see you on November 17th and 18th, 2015!

All my best,


Bren de Leeuw, Director – EMC Food, Beverage, Bio & Ag Program Canada
Excellence In Manufacturing Consortium – – 519-372-6009
WFIM – Past Board Member (Director of Events)